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Guarantee and

By participating in our projects you will be protected from buying unprofitable business or making doubtful investments in contrast to investments in the free market. Our goal to minimize all possible risks.

In addition to trust management our company is involved in business projects as a shareholder, so we guarantee the maximum return at work and the minimum drawbacks on the way of the entrepreneur.

What we offer?

We offer entrepreneurs and investors to participate in the following business projects: extraction of gold from waste, extraction of rare non-ferrous metals, oil waste recycling, electric power generation in the EU and other countries.

Actual offers:
Service Company for the extraction of gold on InnoTech Group technology - From 1 million euros.
Service Company for oil sludge processing on InnoTech Group technology - From 450K euros.
Service Company for electric power generation on InnoTech Group technology - From 100K euros.

Investments in the development of residential real estate in Helsinki. The investor's profit is 20% per annum. During the project the investor owns 100% of shares in the property. Risks are minimized. Details on request.

Detailed information:
Why Helsinki? Examples of development, potential risks and guarantees for investors. Visit developer's website. (in English)
Overview of the real estate market of Helsinki.Visit the website of the developer..

Our company does not offer business and investment projects of other organizations.
Ready business and investments from OLSE - the proposal from the partners where we provide the trust management.
To sell and forget is not interesting for us - we attract new partners for long-term relationships.

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