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Risk factors

Objective / Subjective

Political situation

The foreign policy of Finland (Finnish Suomen ulkopolitiikka.) - The content of the foreign policy of Finland, formulated as "military non-alignment and self-defense" (in 2013, foreign parliamentary commission noted the lack of relevance of this statement). Finland has consistently advocated for the strengthening of friendly relations with all countries, especially neighboring ones, plays an active role in the European process.

Economic situation

Finland is one of the small highly developed industrial countries. Its share in world production is small - 0.4%, in world trade - 0.8%. Gross domestic product in Finland in 2002 amounted to EUR 140.5 billion. The growth amounted to 1.7% compared to 2001. Finland is one of the advanced group of countries in the world in terms of GDP per capita - 34 585 US dollars (purchasing power parity), or 44,488 US dollars (at face value) according to the 2010.

Interest rate in Finland

Finnish banks have to fight for customers who need such loan, which will eventually be profitable to borrowers. Market interest rates and margins in Finland are among the lowest in Europe.
Today the average interest rate on the loan for the house purchasing is in the range of 3%. The real interest rate - is the rate of loan interest, adjusted for inflation, computed using the GDP deflator.

Exchange rate. Euro - a stable currency

Euro is a stable currency, which ranks second on the planet - 40% of the world's largest agreements are made in Euro and 25% of reserves in the foreign currency are in euro. Euro gained a leading position as one of the major reserve currencies; on in its place there was the German mark (DM) and since that time euro's position in the government stocks is rising, because the banks try to diversify their savings, and the commerce of the Eurozone picks up the pace.

Potential of the group of companies

OLSE Invest / a group of companies InnoTech has extensive experience in the construction of houses and commercial real estate, has developed its own programs of investment and adaptation of the investor and his family members in Finland. We keep abreast of the real estate market in Helsinki, work with many well-known architects of Helsinki, and in cases of co-financing, we can offer bank loans to our clients.

Management level

Timo Saini is the CEO of our group of companies, has more than 40 years of experience in management positions in the largest companies in Finland. Last place of work - a media group with a turnover of over 68 million euros.
Our partners have received construction experience, starting with the construction projects of the Soviet Union and up to the construction in Finland. Experience of work in Russia, Estonia and Finland in format of the general contractor and under the contract of trust management.

Organization of work and protection

All the companies in our group comply with legal and labor standards of the country in which we carry out the construction work. The customer, if necessary, may require the document confirming the payment of taxes from the salary of workers.
The risk, associated with the conflicts on the organization of work, is included in the investor's report about the progress of the project; reporting on the performance of the labor agreement and payment of taxes once a month.

Technical equipment

Construction partners of the group of companies InnoTech have all the tools and resources necessary for a full cycle of construction, repair or reconstruction of buildings.
Special tools and / or lifting equipment is more profitable to lease, so we have concluded a contract with the largest companies providing equipment and cranes at competitive prices.




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